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Tiny Habits – a tiny movement

The man who put this together is a beautiful man; Dr BJ Fogg Phd (he has a great name too). He actually (figuratively) holds your hand with emails as you take the journey towards implementing a teeny, weeny, tiny habit.

And he does it for free!

He is the man who helped me finally start flossing my teeth more than once every not very often.

I now proudly floss my teeth every day. Every day!

How to make a Tiny Habit

Dr Fogg researched the formation of habits and promotes a simple kind of sentence equation to follow.

See the example below on how I started flossing my teeth regularly as a kind of model which you can apply to other things you want to do.

How to floss your teeth more often: Tiny Habit style

Make a decision for yourself to connect something you do already with another genuinely tiny action (known as an implementation intention). For example:

”After I brush my teeth, I will floss one tooth”.

Note that it says ONE tooth.

If this does not work for you, make the habit even tinier, it could be ”After I brush my teeth, I will pick up the dental floss”.

After you do the action side of the sentence equation, you MUST celebrate. Apparently this is a really important part. If celebrate you increase your chances of sticking with it considerably.

Plus this is the fun part. Say out loud: ”I am so incredible”. Sing a song. Do a little dance. If you are in public (what are you doing flossing in public?) internally acknowledge your supremacy.

If this does not work for you simply tweak until it does. It is not you, it is the trigger or the ambition of your action. Tweak, tweak, tweak until you find a plan that works.

If you sign up for his emails he provides excellent support. He will send an email every day that you are to respond to with a simple yes or no.

Some tiny habits feel more resistant than others to establish. But when you do genuinely establish one tiny habit and it sticks it feels like a miracle. Honestly I have been trying to be a regular flosser for so long. Years and years. The fact that this one habit has stuck is like an amazing miracle to me. And the most incredible thing was how easy it was ultimately.

Link to the Tiny Habits website

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